How to Plan a Youth Group Event

When it comes to growing your youth group and the students in it, events serve a great purpose. They can be a non-threatening way for students to invite friends to church or build up students that want to grow in their faith. Many youth leaders find they have a lot of ideas for events but […]

How To Deal With Your Defiant Teenage Son or Daughter

Have you been asking yourself… What do you do with a defiant teenager? Is your child angry, disobedient, rebellious, disrespectful, aggressive, or out of control where they no longer respect your authority? Does your son or daughter have a bad attitude where they don’t respect boundaries and no longer listen to you? Do you feel […]

How To Deal With Your Teenage Daughters Attitude

Is your teenage daughter being rude, mean, or disrespectful with you? Is she always talking back and being obnoxious, defiant, or argumentative where you end up having power struggles? Is she no longer listening to you and only wants to do whatever she wants and not respecting your rules?

Teen Counseling Services

Are you struggling with your teen? Are they angry, out of control, or rebelling? Have they become depressed, withdrawn, or shut down emotionally? Are you constantly arguing with them? Do they lack motivation? Do they have issues with poor behavior? If so, I can help. Hi. My name is Sam Miller and for the past […]

Get Help For Your Teen

Dear parent, Are you struggling with your teenager? Are they out of control, lost, depressed, angry, unmotivated, or behaving poorly? Have you lost your ability to communicate with them? If so…I can help. My name is Sam Miller and as the founder of the Parenting Teenagers Academy, my mission is to provide parents the best […]

Motivatonal Quotes & Phrases For Parents

In this day and age of social media and mobile phones, it can be hard for a parent to capture their child’s attention and keep them motivated to do the right things in life. Between work, putting food on the table, chores, and so on, we know how difficult it can be to stay inspired […]