Teen Boredom: Tips & Advice For Parents

In this lesson, we are going to explore what to do with bored teenagers. In it you will learn: Why teenagers become bored How boredom can lead to kids becoming troubled teens The importance of putting your child in touch with their imagination How this can negatively impact the rest of their lives A game […]

Angry Teenager: How To Deal With Your Angry Teen

In this lesson you are going to learn why so many youth are defiant and how to address the emotions of an angry teenager. We are going to cover: Why so many teenagers are angry What the root cause of their anger is What to do if your teenager is angry with you How to […]

Teenage Drinking & Alcohol Abuse

In this lesson we are going to explore teenage drinking, alcohol abuse, and what you as a parent can do to best prepare yourself and your child. What you will learn is: Why kids obsess over drinking How to keep your teenager out of trouble and healthy The importance of establishing an open line of […]