Welcome to the Parenting Teenagers Academy where we offer a holistic and balanced approach to empowering parents on how to create an authentic relationship with their teenager. Our goal is to teach parents how to be their child’s guide and coach in life and address the many challenges teenagers face such as dating and sex, drugs, school, their future career (life purpose), communication, conflict, anger, motivation, and much more. Whether you are at the beginning stages of adolescence, or in the “thick of it”, our site will guide you along the process of how to truly help your child become a healthy and responsible young adult.

At the Parenting Teenagers Academy, we teach The Neutral Parenting Formula: A Blueprint For Raising Successful Teenagers. The foundation to our method is based on three fundamental principles:

1. How To Address Emotions and Solve Problems – Many of the difficulties teenagers face are because they have not learned how to address their emotions or solve their problems so they end up becoming angry, depressed, confused, lost, sad, and so on where they can begin a downward spiral where they feel “stuck” and there is no way out.

2. How Parents Approach Their Relationship – Many of the challenges parents face are because of “how” they approach and define their relationship with their teenager.  When parents resort to yelling or reacting negatively to tough situations, it creates distance in their relationship where communication lines breakdown and conflict starts. Once parents learn to establish an authentic relationship by changing “how” they relate with their child, the parent-teen dynamic will unfold in a much healthier manner.

3. Discovering Their Authentic Self – If teenagers are not put in touch with their authentic self, they end up making poor choices where they create a life not based on “who they really are”.

To truly empower your teenager so that they become a balanced and successful adult, you must get to the root cause of any issue. Any time your teenager exudes poor behaviors, choices, communication, lack of responsibility, and so on, all stem from these three core fundamental principles. And most importantly, we teach parents “how” to use these methods with real unconditional LOVE.

In our course we guide parents on how to address the most prominent challenges teenagers face such as their future career (life purpose), school, lack of motivation, conflict and communication, low self-esteem, dating and sex, drugs and alcohol, partying, stealing, lying, anger and emotions, sadness and depression, rebellion, boredom, money, being cool and popular, making responsible choices, technology addiction, and much more.

We provide solutions and methods that outline a step-by-step process parents can immediately implement, along with sample dialogues parents can engage with their teenager. In our course you will:

  • Learn how to cope with any situation that comes your way
  • Discover what causes good kids to become “troubled teens”
  • Access a dialogue checklist so you are mentally and emotionally prepared for each interaction
  • Stop worrying and feeling guilty as a parent
  • Help your teenager succeed in life
  • Learn effective communication skills (like the ones used by therapists and life coaches)
  • Teach your teenager to address their emotions and solve their problems
  • Discover exactly why your teenager behaves the way they do
  • Overcome the challenges of being a single parent
  • Live a more stress-free life

+ Much more!

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