My Dear Parent,

Our planet is at the middle of a crossroads where we must start moving in a new direction if we want to help heal this planet. For the last twenty years I have been immersed in human psychology, history, politics, social-economics, health, the environment, personal development, and much more. And after years of study and research, my path has led me to one point: how humans are introduced to the world as adults.

If you look at the root cause of so many of our struggles: greed, the environment, health, conflict and relationships, this all stems from the fact that as children we were not taught:

  • How to live our authentic lives
  • How to address our emotions
  • How to solve our problems
  • How to create healthy relationships
  • How to live a healthy and balanced life
  • How to truly love one another and ourselves

Any time you turn on the news or see any crises of separation, drama, or conflict, you can pinpoint it to the fact that as children, these beings were not taught any of the aforementioned principles so they go out into the world and create chaos. Because of this, we as a society are constantly running around like chickens with its head cut off trying to put out fires. Then we argue about the reasons as to “why” these things keep happening and what the solution is.

The reason why our governments cannot (and never will) fix any of our problems, is because they are not the root cause, we are the root cause (we are our governments!). You as a parent are growing a new human being and introducing them into the world. If they do not learn how to create their authentic life, address their emotions, solve their problems, create good health, and build healthy relationships, then they will end up going down a downward spiral and create a negative ripple effect taking others with them.

Lets End the Cycle

Whether your parents did a terrible job or a pretty good job, the truth is that so many of us are carrying old baggage from our childhood and then pass these same issues on to our children. The biggest challenge so many parents face is that they themselves were not taught these core fundamental principles and so we have been on a vicious cycle of poor parenting. Not because parents don’t mean well, it’s just that they were not taught how to truly love their child in a healthy and holistic way. If you want to make a difference in your child’s life and create an authentic relationship with them, then you must be willing to let go of any past baggage from your family and end the cycle now.

Getting To the Root Cause

Too many parents focus on their child’s behaviors instead of getting to the root cause. Behaviors are just symptoms and act as a sign-post that says, “Hey, you need to take a look at this”. The Neutral Parenting Formula: A Blueprint For Raising Successful Teenagers provides 75 valuable lessons that will help you get to the root cause of ANY issue your teenager may have so that you can effectively guide them along their process of becoming a healthy and balanced adult. The goal of each lesson is to help you change “how” you approach and define your relationship with your teenager so that you can get to the root cause of any issue while developing an authentic relationship with them.

Lets Change the World

I have spent over two years developing this material and if you read it with an open mind, it will change you and your family’s life. When this happens, then you change the world.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Sergio Diazgranados

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