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Our mission is to make a positive difference in the world by helping parents guide their teenager so that they can learn how to address their emotions, solve their problems, and discover their authentic self.

We aim to teach parents how to create an authentic relationship with their teenager by providing courses, materials, and coaching that empowers them to relate with their child in a healthy, balanced, and constructive manner.

The challenges our society face are because our youth enter the adult world not fully prepared to handle all of the obstacles thrown their way so it is our goal to rectify this.

We believe that poor behavior is a symptom of deeper emotional issues, which is why our methods focus on getting to the root cause of why so many teenagers are struggling.

We teach The Neutral Parenting Formula: A Blueprint For Raising Successful Teenagers. To learn more about this method go here.

Meet Our Founder Sergio Diazgranados

parenting teenagers academy sergio diazgranados

Sergio & His Mom Patricia

As a former troubled teenager, Teen Life Coach and Parent Coach Sergio Diazgranados understands the pitfalls so many parents and teens go through. Raised by a single parent (his mom), Sergio was particularly troubled as a teenager—angry, ran away from home, depressed, overweight, lacked motivation, ditched school, stole things, and much more.

At the age of 16, two things completely changed his life: he found his calling (producing rave dance events for the youth culture), and his mom, Patricia, changed her approach in raising him. Because she changed and he found something “constructive” rather than “destructive” to put his energy into, he became a more responsible and motivated person.

For ten years, Sergio produced raves and published a rave magazine that taught teenagers how to be more responsible and live a healthy life. Because Sergio was considered the “responsible one” by many of his peers, he began helping them with their problems. While supporting thousands of teenagers, Sergio discovered his passion for helping people and decided to become a life coach after leaving the music industry.

While working as a life coach, he was hired by Gaiam, one of the largest personal development companies, which works with many self-help gurus, such as Jillian Michaels, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Bob Proctor of “The Secret.” During this time, he discovered many of the tools and methods that these people use, and what he quickly saw was that the self-help genre is a billion-dollar industry teaching adults how to create the life they want. He thought, “If we could teach the same tools to teenagers, then many people would be able to avoid having so many traumatic issues as they got older and not end up in therapy.” He quickly restructured his coaching practice to work as a teen life coach and opened the Teen Support Institute.

While supporting many families, he heard some parents express concern about the high cost of coaching, counseling, and therapy. Sergio realized that parents could be their child’s own coach and therapist if they just changed how they approach their relationship and learn some simple, yet effective communication techniques. He then developed The Neutral Parenting Formula: A Blueprint For Raising Successful Teenagers.

In this course, Sergio outlines why teenagers behave the way they do, identifies the root cause, and discusses how to effectively handle each situation. Sergio is on a personal mission to make a positive difference in the world by helping parents build authentic relationships with their teenagers and helping teenagers become healthy and balanced adults.

Here is a fun video that describes how the course came about:

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